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Quality | Flexibility | Professionalism | Affordability

At SYSDEK we are dedicated to deliver superior value to our customers by providing the best solutions for their needs. We aspire to expand our services globally to be able to serve a wider range of customers.

Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us, ergo we promote a customer oriented culture at SYSDEK. We encourage customers to openly communicate with us and give feedback so we can build durable and mutually beneficial relationships with them.

We believe that our team is capable of offering our customers an unsurpassed service in terms of quality, flexibility and affordability.

SYSDEK Pvt Ltd is a competitive IT Services Company pioneering amongst the Information technology industry in Sri Lanka, who is capable of delivering IT Solutions adhering to ITIL Service Standards. SYSDEK focuses on IT Managed Services, Web Hosting, Web development, Software Development mainly throughout the industry whilst aiming on triumphing recognizable heights by spanning the IT services towards the Small and Medium businesses in Sri Lanka as well as the Hospitality industry in the near future.

Established in the year 2010, SYSDEK has stepped foot on a large scale of businesses until now, providing the best Information technology services to a number of valuable clients locally as well as in the International Market. Starting off as a small business in the year 2010, SYSDEK has now grown to serve well recognized establishments locally as well as in the US.

Our Vision

To be a world-class Information Technology service provider focusing on the SME segment

Our Mission

To sustain a competitive business with a consistent growth and healthy environment

Our Values

General guiding principles that are to govern all activities

Who we are...

Why choose us

We offer a variety of web based solutions which enables us to become the one-stop solution provider for our dynamic customer base. We reach great lengths to tailor our services to match customer requirements and satisfactions while offering the best prices in the market.

How we work

Our principal objective in the business is "Customer Satisfaction", than the profit we make. Therefore prices quoted for each task is always the best price to be offered, while we deliver at the highest standards maintaining quality and professionalism.

Further, we are a company that provides services covering nearly all areas of the IT Industry handing our customers the luxury of having to deal with all their IT related needs with only one company.

Completion time

All undertaken projects will adhere a time-line defined based on the customer's needs, as well as the project’s minimum required development time. Having said, we guarantee the completed project will be delivered to the customer's in the agreed time limit with the highest quality and content.

Prices & budget

While proposing our customers the best pricing and value for money, we stick to all of the promises made and we always value a long term relationship with our customers over short term profit. While analysing and budgeting the total project cost, we make sure to comprise the best of content for least value and deliver a quality end product to our valuable customers with a smile on both parties faces.

Meet the Team

They are always up to something good!

Daham Perera
Managing Director

Keerthy Poologasingam
Director, Software Solutions

Razwan Rasseedeen
Director, Customer Compliance

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